Azad Filter Co., was established in1995and registered under number 115557 with the Companies and Non­Trading Institutions Registry Office of Tehran
This company is active in the field of producing various industrial filters which includes filter types and various filtration units Such as air, water, oil, fuel, glycol, amine, gas and so on

Some of the companies that have ever used the products and services of this company is as follows

Automobile industrial: Iran khodro khorasan , Iran khodro diesel , Iran khodro, Zamyad , Saipa ,Sipa diesel , Saipa kashan , Pars khodro , Hamgam khordro , Modiran khodro , Tapco , kerman motor company and many subsidiary automobile industry in country

Power plants industry and related industries: Neka power generation Management company, Rajaii power generation Management Company, Ray power generation Management Company, Montazer ghaem power generation Management company, Ghom power generation Management company, Khaiam power generation Management company, Joonoobe fars power generation Management company, West Azerbaijan power generation Management company, East Azerbaijan power generation Management company, Arak power generation Management company, Saba power generation Management company, Zanjan power generation Management company, Parand power generation Management company, Zavare power generation Management company, Zergan power generation Management company,Kerman power generation Management company, Turbine engineering and manufacturing co.(Tuga)

Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industries: S.P.G.C co, Gas transmission co. , Gas companies of states, National Iranian, south oil co. , Karoon oil and gas production , Maroon oil and gas production , Gachsaran oil and gas production , Aghajari oil and gas production , Falat ghare co. , Iranian oil pipeline and telecommunication , Pars oil and gas co. , Abadan oil refinery co. , Bidboland refinery co. ,Fajr jam refinery co., Shazand refinery co., Gheshm refinery co., Tabriz refinery co., khangiran refinery co., Lavan refinery co. , Tehran refinery co. , Ilam refinery co. , Zagros petrochemical , Spec , Tondgooyan petrochemical , Rejal petrochemical, Razi petrochemical , Mobin petrochemical , Mehr petrochemical, Maroon petrochemical, khoozestan petrochemical, khark petrochemical, karoon petrochemical, Ghead basir petrochemical , Fajr petrochemical, Booali petrochemical, Bandaremam petrochemical, Arvand petrochemical , Shazand petrochemical , Abadan petrochemical

Pharmacy industries and hospital : Alborz daroo, Arastoo Pharmacy , Tehran shimi Pharmacy, Aboorihan Pharmacy, Tolid daroo Pharmacy, kharazmi Pharmacy, farabi Pharmacy, Loghman Pharmacy, Milad hospital, Chamran hospital , Emam Ali hospital , Farabi hospital , ….

Other companies : Tahvieh , Havasaz , Polyakril , Asia Control, Asr kish , Hayayar , Bank markazi, Esfahan steel co. Atomic Energy Organization of iran , Farab , MIGT , OTC, Royan insistence , Rubber industries

The company has a laboratory unit which is test Filter media and also tests produced filters:

The lab equipment of this company includes:

1.Liquid Filter Testing Machine (Fuel, oil, glycol ......)

Test cases and measurements:

  • Bubbel test to control leakage in filters
  • Flow rate measurement
  • Measuring the pressure difference before and after the filter
  • Measuring the pressure of the pressure of the filter according to the static pressure In the system of filter performance
  • measurement  Particle amount  Pass and Define filtration efficiencyBy controlling the amount of pollution in the pre-filter and after the filter

2. Media Testing Groups and filter glue in terms of thermal resistance and exhaustion

  • Oven test with a capacity of 50 ° C to 350 ° C
  • Oven test with the ability to apply from 50 to 950 degrees Celsius

  1. Air Filter Test Tunnel

·         Measure the air flow rate
  • Measure the volume of airflow
  • Measuring the pressure difference before and after the filter
  • Particle testing before and after filter by Laser particle counter  With a sensitivity of 0.3 microns to 5 microns
  • Measure the resistance of the filter against different pressures

4. Sensitive microscope

  • Industrial microscope with the ability to measure the pores of filter media
  • High resolution imaging by microscope and sensitive camera of particles passing through the filter media.
  • In this place you can clearly see surface contamination and filtering ,well knownThe size of the diameter of the filter mesh holes
  • Taking pictures to Make sure that the filter media is correct or inaccurate
·         Measurement of media and comparisons of different media outlets for applying quality control system

Available laboratory or the declared tool eliminates most of the needs of this manufacturing unit and this company will co-operate with
foreign institutions.